The Constant Threats That Car Wax And Polish Produce

While the market offers various products that can help you enjoy life and make things a bit easier, one thing that also deserves your attention is the different items that could be hazardous and fatal to your safety. Since you cannot expect the different companies to be transparent to their millions of followers by revealing everything about their products (including the dangers and harms they can produce), it will be extremely vital for you to keep your eyes open and be equipped of all the knowledge about the products you are purchasing.

When it comes to picking the products that will benefit you, the first thing that you need to do is to practice smart shopping, which means that you need to do some researches of the products you wish to buy, even before you go to the market. Wise shopping will play an immense role in ensuring your safety, since this will prevent you from picking items that will not only waste your money, but will also put your health at risk.

Car Wax And Polish

Car Wax And Polish

Speaking of health risks, some products that you are using right now might be included in the list of items that could be harmful to you–the car wax and polish products.

The following is a list of the products that are regarded supremely dangerous but are available in most markets:

• Air freshener
• Ammonia
• Upholstery and carpet shampoo
• Bleaching products
• Dishwashing detergents
• Drain cleaners
• Mildew cleaners
• Furniture polish
• Oven cleaner
• Laundry cleaners
• Car wax
• Polisher
• Lice shampoo
• Pesticides
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The Car Wax And Polish

While we have provided you a long list of the products that could expose you to different problems, we will focus on the two products—the car wax and polisher.

These two products that are commonly used in the automobile industry, as well as to the millions of car owners, are known to be effective in maintaining the beauty and quality of most cars. Moreover, these products have also been found capable of producing dangers and could even place the users’ health at peril.

The Dangers Behind These Products

One reason that makes car wax and polishers hazardous is due to the active chemical ingredients they contain. Just like the other cleaning agent products, the car polisher and wax are also made from chemical components in order to be efficient.

It is also because of their effectiveness that most people overlooked the risks that these products could produce.

The Chemicals Contained In Car Wax And Polisher

Silicone and plastic – these are the common components that one will find present in the car wax and polisher. These ingredients are vital to these products since they are the responsible in producing the shine that owners would like to see in their vehicles.

Petroleum distillates – these are group of compounds that come from crude oil and are used for solvent purposes. This chemical is responsible in making the distribution of the wax ingredients evenly on the surface of the cars.

Resins and polymers – these are chemicals that are similar to plastic which are responsible in providing the protection on the paint that vehicles have. These active ingredients are also keeping the car safe from dirt, dust, acid wear, and grit.

Teflon – this is another active substance that plays a tremendously significant role in the effectiveness of the car wax since this serve as a paint sealant, which protects the finishing painting of a vehicle.
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Harmful Effects Of The Chemical Substances Found In Polisher And Car Wax

Petroleum distillates – these chemicals should not be inhaled or ingested since this will severely affect your body system. This can also cause severe irritation, skin rashes, and dryness to your skin. In order to prevent these horrible things, one must not swallow or inhale this chemical.
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Silicon – direct and too much exposure to this chemical will result in some health problems such as rheumatoid arthritis, scleroderma, sarcoidosis, and systemic lupus erythematosus. This chemical can also cause skin and eye irritations in the event that one mishandles the car wax and polisher exposing himself to the silicon chemicals contain in these products. More on silicon here.

Do you seriously need to apply car wax and polish to your car?

After discovering some of the perils that car wax and polishers have, it is just natural that one will be asking this question. Given the harmful effects especially to your health, do you think it will be worthy to use these products?

This question is met by varied reactions and answers of the people who are asked the importance of car waxing and polishing.

Here Are Some Of The Reasons Why You Must Use These Products For Your Car

• Car wax and polisher must be used to attain the shine and glow that will keep your car looking new.

• These products will also protect your car against the different airborne contaminants that can damage the surface of your vehicles and destroy its finished paints.

• Applying car wax and polishers also makes the task of cleaning and washing of your car extremely easy.

• These products are also effective in the prevention of the paint chips that are caused by stones jumping on your car whenever you drive this vehicle fast. With the help of the car wax, these minor damages will not be noticed easily by anyone who will look at your car.

• Fills effectively the scratches in your car. Although wax cannot remove scratches from your car, you can expect this product to fill these scratches and make them less apparent on other people’s eyes.
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Reminders In Using Car Wax And Polishers

In order for these products not to affect the environment, it will be particularly serious that you choose a commercial brand that will not expose the environment to severe effects or implications. You must also use biodegradable soap whenever you are washing your car and make sure to wash your car on grass or gravel types of surfaces.

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